Our Professional Team

Micah McClellan

Warehouse Manager

Amazon Tampa

Andy DebSantis

Sales/ Rma

Amazon II

Our Mission

Amazon Group, our mission is to enable installers throughout Pompano Beach, Boynton Beach, Miami, and the Tampa Bay area to realize their  full potential. We focus our mission statement around our customers.

Jason Pine

General Manager​ Amazon Industries

What We Offer

Ben Dalton

Jorge Delgado

General Manager

​Amazon II

Harry Cosme

Warehouse Manager.

​Amazon Industries

Alexander Corea

Sales / Rma

Amazon II

  • Large Inventory of Gate Operators and Access Controlled Solutions


  • Wide Variety of accessories for any installation


  • Over 50 years of combined Experience


  • Product Training for the latest products


  • Support for RMA
  • ​Competitive Quotes






Bobbi Edens

Social Media and Website Manager

Amazon Tampa

Amazon Group  is a leader in wholesale distribution of gate operators and access control products. We offer a wide variety of products accessible through all three of our offices. We assist any of our customers from start to finish on any RMA needs. Our staff provides over 50 years combined experience in the wholesale distribution business.

Roy Brooks

Sales Manager

Amazon Industries

Our Pledge

We here at Amazon Group pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention.

Mary Gramenidis

Office Manager

Who we are?

Melissa Edens

General Manager

​Amazon Tampa