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New 900Mhz Wireless Loop

The EZ Loop is now available in 900Mhz giving it a stronger, more robust radio signal for long distance loop applications or for installation with a lot of Wi-Fi radio interference.

Tested up to 1000 feet (clear line of sight)
Up to 10 Loop Sensors per Detector board
Available on In ground and Surface Mount units900Mhz Antenna Kit required with each AP100

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New Generation of Gate Technology

​e3 Telephone Entry Systems

E3 Entry is the latest addition to the proven e3 access control family. E3 Entry is browser-based access control system and multi-door telephone entry all-in-one. E3 Entry series features easy-to-use interface with voice guidance, simple tone gesturing and visual cues. The system leverages existing technology investments and is compatible with modern telephony connections for easy and fast installations. Incredibly durable Linear ArmorTech™ polycarbonate housing stands against all elements and is lightweight and RFI-friendly. E3 Entry is designed for gated communities, parking garages, office buildings, apartments, dormitories, hotels/motels, commercial buildings and recreational facilities.

The Elika Access System

will seamlessly integrate into your life, providing constant security and information about who is entering your property. This will leave you feeling secure from anywhere in the world. Never before has an Access Control System provided so many options in connectivity, monitoring and security that best fits all your access needs from simple residential to complex commercial access entry projects.